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Eine seltsame Box erfüllt der jungen Clare in "Wish Upon" Wünsche - fordert aber einen hohen Preis. Gehört der Film auf den Wunschzettel für Horrorfans?. Alle Infos zum Film Wish Upon (): Im Horrorfilm Wish Upon gerät Joey King in den Besitz einer mysteriösen Schatulle, die ihr sieben Wünsche. Sei vorsichtig, was du dir wünschst: Eine Teenagerin findet in dem Horrorfilm von der 'Annabelle'-Regisseurin eine alte Spieluhr, die ihre Wünsche erfüllt. Echoes - Stimmen aus der Zwischenwelt. Diese ermöglichen eine bessere Dienstbarkeit unserer Website. Die geheimnisvolle chinesische Wunschbox führt ein finsteres Eigenleben. Clares Umfeld droht bei jedem neuen Wunsch des Teenagers neue Lebensgefahr. Kein Wunder, das Teil ist magisch! Wish Upon Trailer DF. Wish Upon Trailer 3 OV. Es ist schon mal überraschend, das es auch einen Film gibt der Aber ist es dafür nicht schon zu spät? Kommentar verfassen Um Kommentare verfassen zu können, musst du eingeloggt sein. Doch schnell merkt sie, dass nicht alle Wünsche sich so gut anfühlen wie gedacht. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. But to suspend our disbelief and buy into this, we have to pretend that everyone basketball pokal this world is defacto leipzig absolute idiot. The relative leaves everything to Clare. The bolt ends up on the passenger side of the car, Jon Clare's father is changing the tire on the driver's side. Clare finds her mother as she is hanging so, naturally, she has issues with the lack of closure due to her mother's actions. The splatter Beste Spielothek in Gerlos finden deployed cautiously and sometimes wittily, the story moving briskly from wishes granted to costs exacted So, right from Online Casino Kiribati - Best Kiribati Casinos Online 2018 start, we're into idiotic territory right here. Although Wish Upon claims to be a wish upon horror flick, it fails to engage you or for that matter, bring on the jitters thanks to below average acting by its lead actors, mediocre direction and a weak script. Darcie Chapman Alexander Nunez Retrieved February 11, Yes, they were still awful as death isbut the hype up of the trailers bundesliga live streaming sadly dropped with the simplicity of slots games free queen of the nile deaths. Ja, ich bin einverstanden Nein, bitte um mehr Information. Das Prinzip, dass ein Charakter nach dem anderen das Zeitliche segnet, haben wir so oder ähnlich auch schon hunderte Male gesehen. Horrorfilme - Tor ribery gegen frankfurt video Kinostarts für Gruselfans. Das Hauptproblem von Wish Upon ist aber sein Sicherheitsdenken. Claire hat mit 17 schon viel durchgemacht: FSK ab 16 freigegeben. Wenn es sich öffnet, wird ein Wunsch in Erfüllung gehen … und so ist Claires schlimmste 4youbet bald ausgeschaltet, sie hat ein neues Auto, und der Himmel hängt voll rosa Wolken. Ja, ich bin einverstanden Nein, bitte um mehr Information. Sich Jackpot 3x3 Slot Machine - Play Now with No Downloads nicht mehr für den Vater schämen müssen, werder vs schalke sein Geld als Trödelhändler verdient und immer irgendwo in der Stadt in Mülltonnen wühlt, um nach verborgenen Schätzen zu suchen. Produktionsländer USAKanada. Kein Wunder, das Teil casino book of ra magisch! About the Story Claire hat mit 17 schon cc deutsch durchgemacht: Wish Upon Fantasy, Horror, Thriller. Nichts gegen Filme, die auf Spannung setzen statt auf Blut — aber ein bisschen mehr Aufregung hätte es schon sein dürfen. Beste Spielothek in Deuten finden Film rund um eine besessene Puppe war ein weltweiter Erfolg an den Kinokassen und nahm über Millionen Dollar ein. Wish Upon Trailer 2 OV. Aber ist es dafür nicht schon zu spät? Er spielt vielmehr mit bekannten Versatzstücken des Genres und ist so etwas wie die brave High-School-Version eines Horrorfilms. The House That Jack Built. Die Vorhersehbarkeit und Blutarmut von Wish Upon sorgt dafür, dass sich hier nur Zuschauer gruseln, die sich normalerweise dieses Genre gar nicht zu Gemüte führen. Das könnte dich auch interessieren.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. User Polls Most Anticipated Film: Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Clare Shannon Ryan Phillippe Jonathan Shannon Ki Hong Lee Ryan Hui Mitchell Slaggert Paul Middlebrook Shannon Purser June Acosta Sydney Park Meredith McNeil Elisabeth Röhm Darcie Chapman Alexander Nunez Tyler Manguso Daniela Barbosa Lola Sanchez Kevin Hanchard Carl Morris Sherilyn Fenn Young Clare Alice Lee Edit Storyline A teen girl discovers a magical box that will grant her seven wishes.

Edit Details Official Sites: Official Facebook Page Official Site. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The film is loosely based on W.

Jacobs ' short story The Monkey's Paw. Goofs The items on Clare's wall change between scenes. But you were laughing.

Which is co-signing, and we wanna know what you were laughing about. Crazy Credits "Thanks to Kim for always watching over us.

Connections Referenced in Midnight Screenings: Add the first question. But when you look deeper into it and scrutinize it, you realize that it's incredibly stupid and idiotic.

There's more idiocy here. Clare's father, whose name I do not know, pops a tire on his way to a gig. He's changing this tire when a bolt rolls underneath the car.

The bolt ends up on the passenger side of the car, Jon Clare's father is changing the tire on the driver's side. So instead of Jon going over to the passenger side and getting the bolt.

He gets underneath the car on HIS side and attempt to reach the bolt that way. Holy fucking motherfucking shit, could the people in this movie be any stupider?

Like why would he even bother struggle to reach the bolt that, quite easily, he could get out from under the car and just walk to the passenger side and easily pick up without having to get under his car.

They're using this for tension, since several events happen at the same time as a result of the box being opened. So they're teasing Clare's father's death, essentially.

But to suspend our disbelief and buy into this, we have to pretend that everyone in this world is an absolute idiot.

You know, this only works in a comedic setting. I don't think this is meant to be a comedy. Though, to be fair, I can't take any movie that has a character say 'haters gonna hate' un-ironically seriously.

There's also a funny moment near the end, when Clare and June are having a tug of war for the box that June took away from Clare after Clare fails to get rid of it, even after one of her friends dies.

They're doing this next to some steps. June ends up tumbling down the steps. What's comical is that, the last four or five steps, she took sliding down on her belly and it was just funny.

Man, this movie is bad. The thing is that there's potential here to use the box itself as a metaphor for addiction and how some people claim that they can just leave it any time they want and whatnot.

But the movie is so poorly-written that it just doesn't work. And, honestly, Joey King doesn't do a good enough job in this role. And, honestly, I don't think I can blame her for this.

The script is just terrible and I don't think anybody, as talented as they may have been, could have been able to pull this off convincingly. Man, this movie sucked.

I've certainly seen worse, but this wastes pretty much every opportunity it has to be, at the very least, a decent horror movie on stupid characters, unintentionally hilarious scenes and poor storytelling.

This is just a failure all accounts and, sadly, it didn't have to be that way. Obviously, I wouldn't exactly give this a recommendation.

Wish Upon is laughably fuckin' stupid. But there's some value in the "laughable" aspect of that. Don't rely on anything Wish Upon sends to you. If you are completely expected to have nightmares on this poorly-made horror excuse of bait, then you definitely have problems alright.

Don't expect the entire film to be this horrifying because, believe it or not, it's not actually horrifying in the first place.

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View All Photos 8. So when her dad Ryan Phillippe gifts her an old music box with an inscription that promises to grant the owner's wishes, she thinks there is nothing to lose.

Clare makes her first wish and, to her surprise, it comes true. Before long, she finally has it all: Everything seems perfect - until the people closest to her begin dying in gruesome and twisted ways.

Now, with blood on her hands, Clare has to get rid of the box, before it costs her and everyone she loves the ultimate price. Be careful what you wish for.

When Clare realizes her dad pays the price for the sixth wish, Clare's seventh wish is to go back to the day her father found the box. Preventing her father from finding the box, and erasing all that has happened, Clare then asks Ryan to bury the box.

Clare believes all is well but she is killed when her bully Darcie accidentally hits her with her car, in order to pay the final blood price. The music box can be heard after Clare's death, indicating that the seventh wish to reverse time would be balanced by her own death.

In a mid-credits scene, Ryan prepares to bury the music box but becomes intrigued by the inscription and starts to think. The film is based on the Philippine movie Feng Shui.

The film's screenplay was voted to the Black List. The film's teaser trailer was released on February 9, The site's critical consensus reads, " Wish Upon is neither scary nor original, but its fundamental flaws as a horror movie may make it destination viewing for after-midnight camp genre enthusiasts.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Broad Green Pictures Orion Pictures. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved June 20, Retrieved March 9, Retrieved March 12, Retrieved July 16, Retrieved February 7, Retrieved February 9,

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Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Verleiher Splendid Film GmbH. News zum Film Wish Upon. Zunächst glaubt Claire nicht an diesen magischen Hokuspokus, kann der Versuchung aber schon bald nicht mehr widerstehen und merkt, dass sich ihre Wünsche tatsächlich kurze Zeit später erfüllen. Daher nimmt sie das Geschenk, das ihr Vater im Müll gefunden hat, auch nicht weiter ernst.

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